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We are living in a most fantastic time of awakening                                                                                                                                                            Change is unstoppable. Never has it been so valuable to know your celestial makeup. Astrology can set you free. It can give you certainty and understanding for the why, where and the when of things.

Future is not set. Let Astrological Alchemy reveal your personal celestial options so you can choose how they can best be used to shape your destiny.


Are you looking for practical advice or mystical understanding?  Do you want to expand your astrological knowledge or just want the message of your stars in plain English minus all that Astro jargon?  Either way you've landed in the right place!

Since future is not set you get to participate in the creation of it. Astrology is key for seeing your options so you can make wise and timely choices to forward your goals and dreams. 

Understanding your nature, your potential, your weak points as well as your strengths along with how to apply Astrological Alchemy can make the difference between thriving or surviving; between a safe, confined and predictable life or an audacious, adventurous and magical one.

Astrology + Audacity = Alchemy

Astrology Alchemy can catapult you beyond your current reality to where you want to be with the addition of Audacity. 

Regarding your Souls goals - you don’t need to believe – you need the audacity to put into motion the possibility.  So even if you believe what your Soul is wanting is impossible – If you can muster the courage to passionately use your fear to ask for and act on your Souls goals anyway – that’s Audacity, that’s an act of Alchemy.

Being armed with the understanding of self and the timely offerings of the planets and the zodiac is a recipe for successful creation and transformation. Astrology becomes Alchemy when you unleash the audacity to consider your Astrology, test its message, digest it and apply it to your Soul's dreams.

Are you ready to discover how to

awaken Audaciousness?

Use it to decree the Alchemy

Of your Astrology to

Expose your Soul’s Goals,

Steer your destiny and

Co-create your future reality?!

If so, step in, choose an avenue, sample and discover for yourself how useful Astrological Alchemy can be for you. In which areas of life are you wishing to change, refine or gain clarity and certainty?

If this approach calls to you, call for a complimentary interview…

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Sondráya - Astrologer, Alchemist, Palmist, Tarotist, Intuitive, Mystic, Priestess, Poet, Artist, Sacred Dancer, Jin Shin Jyutsu & self-help instructor, Fully Ordained Minister licensed for the laying-on-of-hands in all 50 states.


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