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Imagination, the Power of Jupiter in Scorpio

    When the Sun lights up Scorpio – when the veil between the worlds is thin – it’s the best time to delve into magic and invoke your Soul’s intentions for the year.   However, this year Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system is also gracing Scorpio and will continue to do so…

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Jupiter in Scorpio, what magic is possible?

Click here for video version!   Between Oct 10, 2017 and Nov 8, 2018 What magic will you educe as Jupiter journeys thru Scorpio, revealer of the Soul? If you really want to know… Dress in your Priestess Robes adorn Scorpion to your Queenly Crown prepare audaciously to venture down past your normal habitat. Face…

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Unleash Audacity! Week 3

Click here for extended audio version!   Why is dissolution a necessary contribution to the manifesting of goals and the alignment in Soul? “Dissolution is an inevitable process we can in no way avoid.  If we wish to be born into an ever new, higher and vaster realm of Divine Consciousness, it is imperative that…

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Unleash Audacity! Week 2. Your inner Leo teen holds a Key!

Click here for extended audio version!   Leo represents the teenaged years. With these nodes in the Aquarius/Leo polarity, if you find yourself in times of trouble… its likely your inner teen is the culprit. Her rebellion, her way of trying to save the day is what needs to be addressed. If you love her,…

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